Best sources of Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated
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The following quantities (column two below) indicate how much Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated is found in 100 grams (about 3 1/2 ounces) of the following food items:
    fdc idcategory
select100GCHLORELLA SEEDS599789 Uncategorized
select74.623GOil, safflower, salad or cooking, linoleic, (over 70%)171026Fats and Oils
select73.33GHEMP OIL519457 Uncategorized
select73.33GORGANIC HEMP OIL599801 Uncategorized
select73.33GCOLD PRESSED HEMP OIL489446 Uncategorized
select71.43GHIGH HEAT COOKING GRAPESEED OIL562106 Uncategorized
select71.43GPREMIUM 100% PURE SOYBEAN OIL388232 Uncategorized
select71.43GLA TOURANGELLE, ROASTED WALNUT OIL395800 Uncategorized
select71.43GVIRGIN FLAX-SEED OIL373477 Uncategorized
select71.43GPREMIUM SOYBEAN VEGETABLE OIL414198 Uncategorized
select70GFLORA, WALNUT OIL493332 Uncategorized
select70GORGANIC HYDRO-THERM WALNUT OIL493327 Uncategorized
select69.9GOil, grapeseed171028Fats and Oils
select67.849GOil, flaxseed, cold pressed167702Fats and Oils
select67.14GIMPORTED VIRGIN SUNFLOWER OIL384252 Uncategorized
select66.67G100% GRAPE SEED OIL551500 Uncategorized
select66.67GLA CAMPANIA, GRAPESEED OIL440955 Uncategorized
select66.67GKIMCHI FURIKAKE, RICE SEASONING395389 Uncategorized
select66.67GINTERNATIONAL COLLECTION, WALNUT OIL499960 Uncategorized
select66.67GOLIVE OIL SUNFLOWER OIL BLEND520034 Uncategorized
select66.67GGRAPE SEED OIL600342 Uncategorized
select66.67GWILD HARVEST, PURE GRAPESEED OIL444756 Uncategorized
select66.67G100% GRAPESEED OIL536843 Uncategorized
select66.67GEMILE NOEL, WALNUT OIL445149 Uncategorized
select66.67GGRAPESEED OIL BLEND475453 Uncategorized
select66.67GVEGETABLE GRAPESEED OIL BLEND705202 Uncategorized
select66.67GCOLD PRESSED EXTRA VIRGIN HEMP OIL740206 Uncategorized
select66.67GROASTED WALNUT OIL772590 Uncategorized
select66.67GSHOPRITE, GRAPESEED OIL465851 Uncategorized
select66.67GGRAPEOLA, GRAPE SEED OIL415094 Uncategorized
select66.67GHEMP OIL- WHOLE FOOD DIETARY SUPPLEMENT513536 Uncategorized
select66.67GORGANIC FLAX COOKING OIL597591 Uncategorized
select66.67GREFINED WALNUT OIL717892 Uncategorized
select66.67GGRAPESEED OIL, GRAPESEED718574 Uncategorized
select66.67GPURE GRAPESEED OIL, GRAPE744246 Uncategorized
select65.7GOil, sunflower, linoleic, (approx. 65%)171025Fats and Oils
select64.876GOil, flaxseed, contains added sliced flaxseed171442Fats and Oils
select64.29GGOLD 'N FLAVOR, VEGETABLE OIL, GOLD 'N445172 Uncategorized
select64.29GWINCO FOODS, 100% PURE VEGETABLE COOKING OIL398534 Uncategorized
select64.29GSWAD, BLENDED MUSTARD OIL357249 Uncategorized
select64.29GCLOVER VALLEY, PURE VEGETABLE OIL445163 Uncategorized
select64.29G100% PURE & NATURAL VEGETABLE OIL486816 Uncategorized
select64.29GWESTCOTT, 100% PURE VEGETABLE OIL371239 Uncategorized
select64.29G100% SOYBEAN IDEAL ALL-PURPOSE VEGETABLE OIL693746 Uncategorized
select64.29GVEGETABLE 100% SOYBEAN OIL727370 Uncategorized
select64.29GSHOPRITE, VEGETABLE OIL371346 Uncategorized
select64.29GMARKET BASKET, PURE VEGETABLE OIL441966 Uncategorized
select64.29GWESTCOTT, VEGETABLE OIL442099 Uncategorized
select64.29GSHOPRITE, CORN OIL369737 Uncategorized
select64.29GPURE SOYBEAN OIL & EXTRA VIRGIN OIL544376 Uncategorized
select64.29GROYAL, PURE VEGETABLE OIL445056 Uncategorized
select64.29GCLEAR FRY551084 Uncategorized
select64.29G100% PURE VEGETABLE SOYBEAN OIL365367 Uncategorized
select64.29GSPARTAN, VEGETABLE OIL383480 Uncategorized
select63.71GSoybean and sunflower oil789046 Uncategorized
select63.3GOil, walnut171030Fats and Oils
select62.4GOil, poppyseed171423Fats and Oils
select61.7GOil, wheat germ171014Fats and Oils
select61.11GOIL BLEND359143 Uncategorized
select60.67GGONZALEZ, GRAPESEED OIL432356 Uncategorized
select60GMONINI, GRAPESEED OIL493074 Uncategorized
select60GHT TRADERS, STIR-FRY OIL, SPICY PEPPER493593 Uncategorized
select60GFLORA, SUNFLOWER OIL493328 Uncategorized
select60GNAPOLBON, GRAPE SEED OIL499764 Uncategorized
select60GMILD GRAPESEED OIL, MILD699400 Uncategorized
select60GSPICY PEPPER STIR-FRY OIL733224 Uncategorized
select59.8G100% NATURAL GRAPE SEED OIL443001 Uncategorized
select58.932GOil, industrial, soy, low linolenic171438Fats and Oils
select58.208GOil, industrial, soy, refined, for woks and light frying173598Fats and Oils
select57.74GOil, soybean, salad or cooking171411Fats and Oils
select57.6GOil, soybean748366Fats and Oils
select57.333GOil, vegetable, soybean, refined172370Fats and Oils
select57.14GSPRINGFIELD, VEGETABLE OIL357310 Uncategorized
select57.14GFRESH & EASY, CORN OIL356481 Uncategorized
select57.14GALL PURPOSE SOYBEAN OIL551818 Uncategorized
select57.14GBUTCHER BOY, CORN OIL498069 Uncategorized
select57.14G1000% PURE CORN OIL360691 Uncategorized
select57.14GCORN OIL FOR BAKING, FRYING & SAUTEING383180 Uncategorized
select57.14G100% CORN OIL636740 Uncategorized
select57.14GCORN OIL, CORN735030 Uncategorized
select57.14G100% SOYBEAN VEGETABLE OIL444542 Uncategorized
select57.14GCREAMY LIQUID PAN & GRILL SHORTENING551817 Uncategorized
select57.14GCREAMY LIQUID FRYING SHORTENING551866 Uncategorized
select57.14GGOYA, CORN OIL369762 Uncategorized
select57.14GALL PURPOSE VEGETABLE OIL551805 Uncategorized
select57.14GPREMIUM BUT-R-LITE388231 Uncategorized
select57.14GSOYBEAN OIL OLIVE POMACE OIL BLENDS551101 Uncategorized
select57.14GKEY FOOD, 100% PURE VEGETABLE OIL369759 Uncategorized
select57.14GKEY FOOD, CORN OIL369764 Uncategorized
select57.14GPURE CLEAR FRYING OIL443305 Uncategorized
select57.14GSTATER BROS., 100% VEGETABLE OIL442812 Uncategorized
select57.14GGOLD 'N FLAVOR, CORN OIL445175 Uncategorized
select57.14GLOUANA, COOK RIGHT, BAKING OIL440314 Uncategorized
select57.14GHANNAFORD, PURE VEGETABLE OIL441202 Uncategorized
select57.14GWESTERN FAMILY, VEGETABLE OIL400902 Uncategorized
select57.14GFOOD LION, PURE VEGETABLE OIL440664 Uncategorized
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